Yunessun, the Onsen Full of Surprises   箱根小涌園ユネッサン

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Aromatic baths

Feeling nervous at the idea of ​​entering the Japanese hot springs? Does the famous "nude sociability" that prevails bother you? Or does the separation between men and women prevents you from enjoying the bath with your family?  Yunessun Onsen could be your solution!

Located in the region of Hakone, famous for its onsen, Yunessun stands out from the other bath houses. There is indeed a "traditional" onsen called Mori no Yu, but what sets this place apart is its flavored pools!

Baths for everyone

Tired from your trip, you can take a dip in the coffee pool to rejuvenate. If you aren't a coffee fan, you can also choose from a bath of green tea (intensely green!), or sake, for the more joyful. You will even be served a glass to enjoy! Be careful though, the chocolate bath is not recommended for diabetics...

But it's undoubtedly the pool of Beaujolais wine that attracts the most attention! Rest assured, all of these baths are composed mainly of water, with just a small amount of the above ingredients, just enough to give color and aroma. Japanese baths are also regularly flavored with citrus which is allowed to float in water.

A unique and family orientated onsen

You will also find Yunessun pools with slides for children, a pool with a waterfall for meditation, a black pool with coal extract, and many other different baths with themes of varying success: Roman baths, Greek, Turkish, Scandinavian, and more. Everyone can wander among the baths at their own pace, in yukata (light kimono).

The aim of the place is to provide unique entertainment for families or friends. Add to this an adjacent hotel, restaurants, and other souvenir shops, and you have a veritable local institution!

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