Ebisu Matsuri   胡子大祭

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Ebisu festival in Hiroshima

The barrel of the assets of Ebisu festival.

For a year of good fortune

From November 18th to the 20th, the "Ebisuko" or Ebisu Matsuri is held in honor of the god of commerce, merchants, fishermen and prosperity. Three hundred thousand visitors have flocked here each year for the past four hundred years to attend this festival.

This festival is located at the Ebisu Shine, near the department stores Mitsukoshi and Tenmaya of Hiroshima.  During these three days, the shopping centers become an anthill overrun with shoppers. And since the sanctuary is not an architectural wonder, the parades and activities provide the most entertainment.

In addition to the food stalls, trinkets and lucky charms add a nice warm vibe to the festival that combines modernity and consumerism. There is also the constant faint sound of drums and people wearing costumes. An essential element: the barrel of fortune. Like a giant piggy bank just waiting to be filled, a huge barrel receives yen notes and other superstitious items. Even a small gesture is fine, but you should definitely participate in the symbolic activity. And it will be good fortune for you, until next year.

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