Tanabata at the Shukkei-en Garden   縮景園の七夕祭り

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Tanabata 2

The bamboo set up for the festival of stars (tanabata) in the garden of Shukkei en in Hiroshima.

tanabata 3

The view of LED decorations for the Star Festival in the Shukkei-en Garden of Hiroshima.

The meeting point of the stars in Hiroshima

From 1st to 7th of July, the city of Hiroshima celebrates the feast of the stars, Tanabata. For this occasion, the famous Shukkei-en garden is adorned with night-time illuminations, Strewn throughout the site.

Tanabata, the feast of the stars, is celebrated throughout Japan every 7th of July. In Hiroshima, the Sukkei-en garden is all illuminated.

Earthly illuminations

Although only one part of the Shukkei-en garden is illuminated, it includes a walk around the pond and an opportunity for an unforgettable night walk. The wide lawn facing the Seifukan tea house is also adorned with blue LED garlands, creating a terrestrial "Milky Way".

Many other seasonal events and festivals take place in the Shukkei-en Garden: Taue matsuri (rice planting festival), hanami, night illuminations, and bonsai exhibitions, etc.

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Well-preserved vows

The tradition of Tanabata means that one writes his vows on a tanzaku (card of vow) which one then hangs on the branches of the bamboos released for the occasion. In Shukkei-en, the tanzaku are harvested at the end of the event and are kept for burning at the Tondo festival , held in Nigitsu temple in January in the town of Furaba no Sato.

You can also, enjoy your visit to the Shukkei-en Garden to see an exhibition at the Hiroshima Art Museum!

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