Yale Yale A-kan   エールエールA館

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Yale Yale A-Kan

Shopping at Yale Yale A-Kan.

The Big Bazar

Fancy a shopping trip to the Japanese core? Yale Yale A-kan is no exception to the gigantism and exuberance that characterizes Japanese malls. Japanese people come in large numbers to have a shopping spree, window shop, or just people watch around the large air-conditioned complex.

This thirteen-story building is home to some twenty stores. Shoes, accessories, clothes and cosmetics can be purchased in all shapes and sizes. In the underground levels, a slew of small shops serve the famous local specialty that is addicting. Japanese people call it "okonomiyaki", a tasty pancake like wafer, where here in Hiroshima, it has noodles cooked in sauce between two rice pancakes. The eleventh floor has a panoramic restaurant that allows you to take in the sights and unbridled consumerism. Prices are high, but the view is worth it.

The roof of the shopping center provides a nice restaurant for those who don't have to worry about how much is in their bank accounts. A relaxed outdoor terrace welcome visitors who stop here for a moment to bask in the blue sky of Hiroshima.

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