Avanti   アバンティ

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Avanti facade of the mall.

The cream of department stores

Imposing by its size and the impressive number of shops and restaurants, Avanti, which is accessible from Kyoto station, will delight shopaholics.

Located directly in Keihan Kyoto Hotel and also incorporating a reception room for weddings, Avanti department store has everything shoppers dream of: clothing stores to make you lose your head, accessories and leather goods and above all, a giant bookstore on the sixth floor where, for hours, you can quietly read the international press, art and cookery books, or browse language methods and try to decipher the colorful Japanese magazines.

To that, add a supermarket on level B1 and some restaurants serving Japanese cuisine on the top floor. The fauna mainly consists of the trendy youth of  Kyoto, but Avanti is also the perfect place to wait before taking the train or to do some shopping without wasting time traveling.

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