Ebina   カーヴ・ド・エビナ

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Cave Ebina

The wine cellar Ebina.

"France, and not any!"

Upon arrival, Ebina-san is happy to help you find the bottles of wine you need for a long stay in Kyoto .

With French flags displayed in front, Ebina (カーヴドエビナ) has been tasting the fine wines since 1843. Perhaps the Emperor came for a few sips before "moving" to Tokyo in 1868, when the capital city changed from old to new...

The vast majority of wines are of French origin and prices vary widely, from thousand yen table wine to bring to a picnic in the nearby Imperial Palace park, to the Romanée Conti 1986, on sale for over a million yen.

Ebina-san, who never fails to taste his latest finds, also offers excellent saké. Highlights of both French and Japanese beverages coexist and mix well in this shop, pleasing the senses with their fine quality.

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