Funahashiya   船はしや

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Treats on display at Funahashiya shop.


The wooden front of Funahashiya.

Crispy Kyoto, Soft Kyoto

On the corner of two pedestrian streets, a traditional old building with wooden panelling stands illuminated by light from the inside, and catches the eye...

The shop Funahashiya, which dates back to 1885, is well worth a visit in its own right as the building is reminiscent of an older Kyoto, from centuries past, where small shops lit up the night to entice the tastebuds of passers-by yearning for a small treat.

Here, with no less than fifty varieties of okaki - little sweet or savory rice cakes - on offer, one can enjoy a quick snack perfect with an aperitif or tea.  The rice cakes are presented in glass jars and cupboards, all meticulously lined up.  One can also enjoy mochi cakes, prepared with sticky rice, that hold various tasty fillings.

The ultimate treat to try is the main speciality of this well-known establishment, because everyone has heard of Funahashiya Kyoto. Their famous go-shiki-mame, dried bean candies with unique flavors like plum, cinnamon, or the mysterious “snow,” are a must-have while strolling along the nearby Kamo River.  Open until 8pm every day, the store appears an almost mystical place as night falls in Kyoto...

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