Hirata   平田

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Hirata, who sells bamboo blind

Bamboo blinds of the shop Hirata.

Blinds for aesthetes

Sudare, bamboo blinds gently filter sunlight through windows and the wind brushes past them entering Japanese interiors.

Faced with burning hot summers in Kyoto, they combine utility and aesthetics, fine and light. Indoors, they replace shoji sliding doors, leaving more space in a room, whilst maintaining some privacy.  Outside, the sudare have long been the best protection against the sun's rays while allowing a gentle stream of cool air to pass through them.

Also used as protection from prying eyes, they bring a mysterious and intimate side to all the tea houses and restaurants of Gion. Hirata, located south of Shinbashi, has been selling traditionally made sudare for seven generations. Take some home in your suitcase, take away and keep a little bit of Japan.

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