Tsujikura   辻倉

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Umbrellas of Tsujikura shop.

Frail umbrellas for beautiful ladies

No one can ignore the elegant walk of Japanese ladies hidden under their parasols when the sun comes out. Tsujikura makes it possible to bring back a fleeting image as a souvenir.

A craft store more than three hundred years old, Tsujikura still uses the traditional production techniques for parasols. The latter, wagasa, now abandoned for western umbrellas, have found a second life as interior decoration. True works of art, they immediately brighten up a room with their delicacy and their bright colors. Made with Japanese paper, washi, with a bamboo frame, they are very fragile and require the utmost caution when opened. The store also offers festive paper lanterns, as used in restaurants for the annual festivals, easily transportable and relatively affordable. If owning a traditional umbrella remains a privilege that not all can afford, wagasa give their holder a grace that comes from another era.

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