Uniqlo   ユニクロ

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Radius of the store Uniqlo.

Japanese expertise

The best, warm, soft and resistant clothes ... with Japanese technology as a bonus!

If you arrive with empty suitcases or the Japanese climate means you need to buy some clothes, go and have a look at Uniqlo. This store is an inexpensive casual brand, but which pleases every budget. A classic collection and basic colors, from socks to shirts, it's also here that you will find inexpensive clothing, for example, to go and spend a last minute weekend skiing.

In addition to being a good clothing store Uniqlo is one of those major Japanese chain stores scattered throughout the archipelago and the world, like Muji, where the service, design and general layout of the products are Japanese marketing models. Marketing that works wonders to make you forget the "made ​​in China" on many confections.

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