Women Association of Kyoto   ワック

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Traditional house where activities take place in the WAK.


Learning the tea ceremony at the WAK.

From Japan with love

There are myths and traditions, clichés and stories, and traditional practices that are lost and those that are perpetuated.

The WAK Association - Women Association of Kyoto - founded in 1997 falls into the last category. Offering tourists the opportunity to discover Japanese activities and the opportunity for the women of Kyoto to maintain their skills, WAK offers a myriad of activities that make a change from classic tours.

The wearing of a kimono or yukata, the tea ceremony, ikebana, calligraphy, Japanese family cooking food during family and origami sessions... The workshops are run by experienced professionals, craftsmen or guides who open the doors to a discrete temple or take you to visit Fushimi Inari or the Golden Pavilion. The indoor activities are held in a Kyoto house following the rigorous rituals, often on a tatami. A tourist experience certainly, but above all Japanese.

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