Yojiya   よーじや

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Yojiya brand products.

Facade of the Yojiya shop in Kyoto.

Facade of the Yojiya shop in Kyoto.

Divine ointments

How writers, poets, and painters have raved about the beauty of Japanese women: their velvety skin as white as milk, fluid and smooth their hair cascading over their neck...  Yojiya is one of their secrets. 

A flagship cosmetics brand for Japanese, who invariably stop there during their visit to Kyoto in one of Yojiya's eleven shops. Renowned for the quality of its products, a strong sense of tradition, and a brand founded in 1904 in the ancient capital of Japan, Yojiya and its woman in the mirror, the store's emblem and logo recognizable by all, is well worth a visit.

Their range of famous products consists mainly of aburatorigami; these delicate little blotting sheets instantly absorb excess oil. All women have their little package of aburatorigami in their bag so that their skin is always fresh and silky. Created with various components such as aloe vera, you can also find paper to remove excess lipstick. Our advice is to shop at the Sagano-Arashiyama location, because it also has a very elegant tea salon where you can enjoy a traditional atmosphere tinged with a charm of modernity.

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