Lake Chuzenji   中禅寺湖

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Chuzenji Lake and Mount Nantai

View Chuzenji Lake and Mount Nantai.

Kegon Falls in Nikko

The Kegon Falls in Nikko.

Holy water

Just half an hour from Tosho-gu Shrine, Lake Chuzenji is a good opportunity for a nice walk in Nikko Park.

Perched 1 269 meters above sea level, the picturesque Chuzenji, the result of a volcanic eruption that occurred more than 20 000 years ago, extends over 10 km at the foot of Mount Nantai, offering a nice view of the mountain that dominates Nikko .

On its banks, Chuzenji temple houses a statue of the famous Kannon with a thousand arms, and the Italian  ambassadors' villa (open to public) bare witness to a time when this bucolic site hosted many foreign diplomatic residences (1900-1930 ).

You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery from the middle of the lake, during a short cruise from the Chuzenji-ko Onsen thermal spa.

But more than the lake itself, it is the huge Kegon-no-Taki waterfall, almost 100 meters high, which has made the area famous: it is a favorite spot for many fictional suicides.. .

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