Nikko Edomura, a Historical Theme Park   日光江戸村

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Experience Edo Japan!

Not far from the majestic temples of Nikkô, and its onsen (hot springs), is Edomura Nikko, a theme park that offers an immersion into the Edo era (1600-1868) of Japan.

The Edo period is what we picture old Japan to look like: samurai and courtesans, nobles and common people. Nikko, which is at the heart of Japanese heritage, offers a historical theme park for you to relive this period.

An educational park 

Nikko Edomura is often perceived as a museum. Indeed it does offer a fairly complete overview of Japanese society  and its four classes during the Edo period: warriors, merchants, craftsmen and peasants. The park houses exhibits in each category as well as craft workshops where you can simply produce or purchase items from local crafts, such as simple weapons reproductions. You will also find popular stalls which make their own Sembei, rice crackers.

The atmosphere of Edo is well reproduced with a large number of extras in costumes and thematic exhibitions. The stalls are filled with all the banter that characterized the people of Edo.

A park for the family 

Edomura may also be a solution for visitors to Nikko traveling with children. Between temples and ryokan inns, you will have the opportunity to show them workshops and shows: sword fighting, ninja training, firefighters' demonstrations, courtesans parading in kimono, etc. The visit of the haunted temple and labyrinth should also please the family. You can also rent period costumes. What would you choose: a samurai or a Edo citizen?

Located close to the Kinugawa ryokan, Edomura has a nice relaxed atmosphere where you're sure to be entertained and learn a bit of Japanese history.

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