Hanshin Beer Garden   阪神ビアガーデン

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Hanshin Beer Garden

The Bar Beer Garden.

The beer palace

The Hanshin Beer Garden is now closed. Find more pubs and bars in Osaka here

It's not only vegetable gardens on the roofs of Japanese buildings, there are also beer gardens. Of course, there is no question here of a drinking culture, but a vast sky bar, such as Hanshin Beer Garden.

What could be more refreshing than enjoying an ice cold Japanese beer in the Japanese summer? Crushed by the heat and humidity in Osaka elbow lifters head to beer gardens such as Hanshin. Behind this name hides a huge rooftop bar on the Hanshin department store, in the middle of the Umeda district.

Open all summer, this place is slightly reminiscent of the Oktoberfest in Munich, without the Germans. And yes, there are rows and rows of plastic tables and chairs. A laid-back concept, which makes these gardens popular. Young and foreign salarymen all meet over a pint.

The key to success? The nomihodai, "all you can eat and drink". On the roof of the Hanshin for 3 500 yen, you can nibble and drink as much as you want, or can. There is even an automatic beer distributor: you slide in your glass and the machine fills it up . For those who don't like beer, it is also possible to try sake and other local drinks.

This beer garden also welcomes supporters of the city's baseball team, the Tigers. So why not come and watch a match, enjoy the beautiful view of Umeda and have a good beer?

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I have read elsewhere that this beer garden is no longer operating. Do you know if that's the case?