Sakura no Toorinuke   桜の通り抜け

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Cherry Japan Mint

the path lined with cherry factory banknote Japan Mint.

Let's go and see the cherry tree...

An unusual visit, the cherry-tree-lined driveway of the banknote factory of the Japan Mint (government agency), however offers some of the finest flowers every year.

Along the Yodo River, it has no less than three hundred and fifty trees of a hundred and twenty different species, some of which are very rare. Some bear flowers with a double row of petals, which flower later, and some others are simple but no less delicate sakura.

Accessible only during one week in mid-April, this treasure can be enjoyed all the more in the evening, when the cherry trees are illuminated. Since the first opening to the public in 1883, the factory is always full of visitors when spring comes. Anyone would think that money really can buy you happiness.

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