Shizuoka City Museum of Art   静岡市美術館

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The futuristic interior of Shizuoka Museum of Art

Shizuoka Museum of Art is an unmissable tower facing the station along with a statue of Tokugawa Ieyasu

A Cup of Coffee and a Bowl of Culture

Japan is full of dynamic museums showcasing the tourist centers. Shizuoka is no exception to the rule, with its brand new museum of art.

For visitors traveling to Shizuoka, the museum of arts is a vital point of reference. It is in the Aoi Tower, the tallest in the city, in front of the Shinkansen station, and is decorated with a huge aoi sheet, the crest of the Tokugawa , on its facade.

This new museum, celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2015, was founded to develop the cultural scene in the city center. It is distinguished by its eclectic displays. Exhibitions on the most varied themes are in display - very few museums can boast about offering exhibits on the Edo period, Star Wars, Modigliani or the Dutch masters of the seventeenth century all in one place!

2015 however, will focus particularly on the Edo period and Tokugawa Ieyasu to mark the fourth centenary since the death of the first shogun.

The museum offers a nice way to unwind. In a pristine setting of a futuristic white, the museum offers, in addition to the exhibition space itself, a convivial space with a large coffee shop dedicated to Tokugawa. Conference halls and projections also regularly host history seminars.

Between the quality of exhibitions and the comfort of the place, the museum is a breath of fresh air in Shizuoka.

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