Nekorobi Cat Café   ねころび

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Fury café

The neko café or cat café remains a good way to meet the Japanese and compensate for the lack of your favorite animal during a trip to the archipelago.

An original concept, neko cafés are multiplying in the Japanese capital. Often, these cafés are not on street level, but nest in open apartments, where you can spend an hour for approximately 1 000 yen with unlimited access to the drinks machines at your disposal.

Entry to a neko café is not without its ritual. You must put on slippers or bring socks, wash your hands thoroughly and carefully respect the strict in-house rules.

Master of the houdr

The cats, who are the stars of the apartment, should not be disturbed during a nap or when eating their meals. These principles can dim slightly the fun of the interaction with the animals (as they sleep most of the day). Fortunately, there is often a turbulent kitten to wake his fellow cats and to make the Japanese youth laugh.

Rarely visited by tourists, neko cafés seduce schoolgirls, retired ladies and couples who are sure to capture every feline yawn with their high-tech devices. A wacky experience,which deserves a visit for lovers cats or those who just want to rest from frenetic Tokyo in an unusual place.

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