Wild Magic   ワイルドマジック

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Camping Wild Magic

The aisles of camping Wild Magic.

Camping Wild Magic

Wild night at Magic Park.

Camping and BBQ

Tents, barbecues and paddling: Wild Magic is an invitation to camping ... in the heart of Tokyo!

Since 2012, city dwellers can have a new camping experience in the heart of Tokyo. On the artificial island of Odaiba in the Toyosu district, Wild Magic develops the concept of glamping, a traditional campsite with a touch of glamor.

Barbecues, theme nights, tents and caravans... On 1.6 hectares, in a nicely equipped site, you can find the conviviality of a campsite.

In 2014, a new oasis arrived to complete the picture. Close to Wild Magic, an artificial beach, Magic Beach, pushes the outdoor experience even further.

If Wild Magic wants to be a place close to nature, there is no question, however, that it is a wild "decor". But the park remains an unusual perspective on Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Sky Tree .

Promotional video of Wild Magic Park.

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