Soba, buckwheat noodles 蕎麦

Soba are eaten hot or cold

Along with ramen and udon, soba is the most consumed noodles in Japan, forming an integral part of many dishes. These buckwheat flour noodles, which can be eaten in a hot soup or more often cold and dipped, have a rather special place in the hearts and bellies of the Japanese. Learn more about their history and discover the best places to taste them ...

Local variations of soba

A very old dish, soba has many local variations. For example, in Uji, city of tea, it is served seasoned with matcha (green tea powder); in Kyoto, it is served with nishin, cooked fish, called " nishin soba "; in Morioka, it is a fun game which consists of eating as many small bowls of soba as possible (wanko soba).

In most restaurants, sobayu is served at the end of the meal​​​​​​, in a small teapot or a glass containing a soba cooking water: pouring it into the rest of the sauce to be consumed in full to finish the meal.

Matcha soba noodles

Matcha soba noodles

Richard Lee

Le wanko-soba, un rituel culinaire de Morioka qui consiste à avaler le plus grand nombre de bols de nouilles.


Petit verre d'eau de cuisson des soba.

Petit verre d'eau de cuisson des soba.

Discover the technique of making soba

Eat (slurp) soba in Tokyo:

  • Kanda Matsuya

This ancestral establishment, widely recognized in Tokyo, has opened its doors in 1884, in a beautiful, very authentic building not far from Akihabara. Take a seat in this traditional setting, and taste their hand-crafted soba, seasoned with dashi (konbu broth and dried bonito).

Address: 1-13 Kanda-Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Hours: open Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm (7 pm on Saturday)


Soba à Kanda Matsuya

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Kanda matsuya

Entrée du restaurant

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Apprenez à faire vos propres soba au Japon !

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