Yubari 夕張市

  • Published on : 24/07/2018
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A bankrupt town

Once a great mining town, Yubari suffered from the energy transition away from coal and lost 90% of its population in just 50 years. Learn the tragic fate of a town in the heart of Hokkaido.

Abandoned homes

The melon has become an emblem of the city, so you'll find it decorating road signs, tourist posters, and most importantly, the (unofficial but very popular) mascot of the city, a bear with his head in a melon. And far from adorable mascots like Kumamon (another bear who represents the city of Kumamoto), Meron Kuma has a hobby of terrorizing children! This somewhat unusual animal-fruit mascot has gained popularity recently, and helped the town of Yubari gain more visibility.

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Melon Kuma

Melon Kuma, the mascot of Yubari


Yubari melon

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