Hanshin Railway 阪神

  • Published on : 24/06/2017
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The Hanshin Railway lines connect Umeda and Namba stations in Osaka with Amagasaki and Sannomiya in Hyogo Prefecture. Hanshin lines include the Hanshin Main Line and the Hanshin Namba Line.

Hanshin Buses

Hanshin also operates a number of local buses, limousine buses and highway buses (Salad Express). Hanshin Hankyu highway buses run from both Osaka (Umeda) and Kobe (Sannomiya) to Tokushima, Niihama, Uwajima and Imabari on Shikoku, and Hamada and Tsuwano in Shimane Prefecture.

Limousine buses make the shuttle to both Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport. Buses to Itami leave from Sannomiya (40 minutes), Osaka Station (25 minutes) and Universal Studios Japan (45 minutes). Buses to KIX leave from Osaka Station (50 minutes), Sannomiya (65 minutes), Universal Studios Japan (70 minutes) and Amagasaki (65 minutes).

Local buses run into the suburbs from many Hanshin stations.

See www.hanshin-bus.co.jp (in Japanese) for further details.

Local Hanshin buses

Local Hanshin buses

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