Ise Katagami Museum 伊勢型紙資料館

Paper lace

In Suzuka, in a setting steeped in history, the Katagami Museum of Ise highlights the traditional craft of the region: katagami, or the age-old art of cutting paper stencils that requires meticulousness, dexterity, and patience!

The art of cutting

Once the paper has stiffened, the time for cutting has come. There are four different cutting techniques: tsukibori, cutting using a small penknife equipped with a 1 to 2 mm tip; the shimbaori where parallel lines are cut; the kiri-bori in which the design is formed by a multitude of small dots executed with a finely sharpened semi-circular point punch and finally, the dogu-bori, a cutout with a cookie-cutter whose tip is in the shape of a pattern (cherry petal, pine needle, etc.). An extremely complex pattern can require up to 8 hours of continuous cutting!


Umbrellas, water and bunches of pine needles. Late 19th century Katagami


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    5 min walk from Shiroko Station
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    Open 10 am to 4 pm. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays, the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and New Year's Day.

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