The Genbikei and Geibikei gorges 厳美渓 と 猊鼻渓

To the letter

Although only one letter differs in their names; the Geibikei and Genbikei gorges located at Ichinoseki in the Iwate prefecture are nonetheless very different from each other; each offering its own activities and gourmet pleasures.

Flying cakes

The café offers a unique service allowing walkers on the other side to order and taste the house's dango thanks to a basket suspended in the air that crosses the gorges. Signal yourself by hitting the wooden plank on the ground with the adjoining mallet. A basket hanging from a rope leaving will reach you directly from the window on the 2nd floor of the Kaggo-ya. The price being indicated at the bottom of the basket, place the sum required for your order and return the basket by tapping the board again. It is again by air that the dango and the tea will reach you.


Les "dango volants" arrivent!

Calm cruise

The tranquility of the waters is conducive to traditional boat cruises. Flat-bottomed boats originally used for transporting horses have been converted into tourist attractions for a hundred years. Maneuvered by a boatman, the boats guide you for a 2 km ride in the gorges. It will cost you 1,600 yen (€ 12.50) for 90 minutes. It is even possible to have lunch on some of these boats. Ayus (freshwater fish) on a skewer or nabemono (Japanese fondue) are on this river menu.


Croisière sur la rivière Satetsu

くろまる さん

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    Geibikei Gorges: take the JR Ofunato line from Ichinoseki station to Geibikei station then walk 5 minutes Gorges Genbikei: take the Gembikei / Mizuyama line bus at JR Ichinoseki station and get off at Genbikei stop
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