Kairi, the gourmet train

  • Published on : 18/11/2019
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Don't miss the the luxury culinary experience on rail!

"The important thing is not the destination, but the trip itself". This maxim by Robert Louis Stevenson could be the motto of the JR EAST Railway, which, with its "Joyful Train" concept, transforms the onboard experience with a luxury gourmet experience! The latest star, Kairi, has been in service since October 5, 2019, and connects the city of Niigata in the prefecture of the same name to that of Sakata in Yamagata prefecture, along the Sea of Japan. The Train is THE destination! 

Travel on an exceptional train

Kairi means "marine village" and thus evokes the small fishing villages that dot the coast of the Sea of Japan. The concept is to offer sophisticated seasonal cuisine on board. A gastronomic and tourist trip where you discover the landscape while savoring top-quality local specialties.

The train, a diesel hybrid composed of only four cars that can accommodate 86 passengers, serves, in principle, ten stations (stops are subject to change). Its colors, in gradations of red and white, suggest the setting sun, which ignites the coasts of the Sea of Japan, and the white of the snow, so abundant in this part of the land.

Only two cars are reserved for passengers, one is composed of reclining seats and the other of compartments which can accommodate a party of four.

A third is reserved for the sale of dishes and products designed exclusively for KAIRI and of special promotions.

Coucher de soleil sur la  côte de Sasagawa Nagare

Sunset over the coast of Sasagawa Nagare

xe zna, Wikimedia

The line runs along the Sea of Japan and in particular the magnificent wild coast of Sasagawa Nagare (get off at Kuwagawa station). A real delight for the beach lovers in the summer! Or disembark at Atsumi-Onsen station and soak in the hot springs in the picturesque spa town.

As for gourmands, they will be delighted to learn that the city of Tsuruoka is classified as a creative culinary city by UNESCO. It is also from Tsuruoka that one can go to Mount Haguro, one of the three sacred mountains of the Dewa sanzan.

Le sentier du Dewa Sanzan, dans la montagne de Yamagata

The Dewa Sanzan Trail in Yamagata Mountain


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