Mount Tsurugi Quasi-National Park 剣山国定公園

Hiking in Shikoku Island

The Tsurugisan Kokutei Koen is one of the highlights of the island of Shikoku. Stretching to the border of the prefectures of Tokushima and Kochi, the Tsurugisan quasi-national park covers an area of nearly 210 km2. Several natural treasures are included: Mount Tsurugi of course, but also part of the Yoshino River and the Iya Valley, with the Oboke and Koboke gorges.

The Iya Valley is known for its so-called Kazurabashi bridges, suspension bridges made of vines, and steel crossing. The region is also known for its natural hot springs and you will therefore find many Onsen there!Part of the Yoshino River is thus included in the quasi-national park of Tsurugisan. This is where you will find the rapids of the Shikoku Gorge in which it is possible to go rafting.

La vallée de Iya

The Iya Valley


Le pont Kazura dans la vallée de Iya

The Kazura Bridge in the Iya Valley


Oboke and Koboke gorges

These are the names given to the two banks of the Yoshino River Gorge. These narrow and steep gorges are located near the entrance to the Iya Valley.

They are particularly recognizable by their turquoise-colored water and the rock walls that surround them, forged by the movements of tectonic plates millions of years ago.

Their beauty earned them designation as a National Natural Treasure in 2014.

Gorge Oboke

Oboke Gorge

linkyuan lee

Gorge Oboke

Oboke Gorge

linkyuan lee

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    +81 883-53-2043
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    We recommend renting a car in order to reach Mount Tsurugi. It is also possible to get there by bus from the city of Kudo but beware, these buses only run on weekends and from April to November.

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