Yatai   屋台

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Yatai Fukuoka

The Yatai along the banks Nakasu.

Yatai Fukuoka

Yatai sheeted in Fukuoka.

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Local specialties and spirit at over 200 yatai in Fukuoka, gourmet, homely food stalls!

Now a symbol of FukuokaYatai - mobile food stands - are part of the scenery of the city.

On the shores of Nakasu island in the heart of Fukuoka, these food stalls liven up the nights of neighborhoods from 6pm to 2am.

In a friendly atmosphere, reinforced by the rather cramped space, guests can enjoy simple but tasty dishes such as yakitori (skewered chicken), tempura (assorted fried foods), and oden (a traditional dish of slow-cooked fish and vegetables) and more...

It's also the perfect place to discover the famous Hakata ramen, noodles with pork that are the pride of the city!

The origin of Yatai dates back to the Edo period (1603-1868). To feed the hungry wayfarers, samurai and servants, many temporary shops flourished along the roads.

Today, Yatai often add a culinary touch to matsuri (traditional festivals) by offering local specialties.

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