Hondori Shopping Arcade   本通りショッピングアーケド

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Hiroshima Hondori Shopping Arcade

Hiroshima Hondori Shopping Arcade.

A place of many temptations

Its name hondôri literally means "main street". However, no buses, cars or traffic lights. For pedestrians, the street invites all those who come to shop.

Located east of Peace Memorial Park, shops in the Hondori Shopping Arcade have an ideal set up to attract shoppers. Protected from the cold, heat and rain, this covered walkway is perfect for an afternoon if the weather is not cooperating. Provided that your wallet is not empty, you will probably find the desire to satisfy your shopping needs. There are shops for clothes, jewelry, games, accessories and souvenirs accompanied by a couple cafes, bars and restaurants to rest those tired feet. The recipe for the perfect shopping trip is not complicated! The surrounding area is full of great restaurants, like the famous Okonomimura. Do not hesitate to lose yourself in the surrounding streets, which are also very nice.

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