Strike a Pose in Kimono   着物記念写真

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My Kimono

Capture your honeymoon in Japan amongst the wonders of Kyoto wearing a sumptuous kimono!

Dreaming to spend your honeymoon in Japan, with a maximum of memories and emotions?

So why not spoil yourself with a commemorative photo shoot in ceremonial kimono in some of the most prestigious temples and shrines of Kyoto.

The City of Kyoto and society Watabe Wedding co-founded the Japanese-style Wedding Admissions Group, an organization that allows foreign tourists to organize commemorative photo shoots in Japanese kimono in prestigious venues such as Daikaku-ji temple, Toji temple or Shimogamo-Jinja shrine, sites listed as World Heritage by Unesco.

The photo shoots are usually prohibited in these historic sites.

The price of the service starts at 180,000 yen for a session of 5 hours, including the choice of kimonos, makeup / hair, interpretation and a series of photos shot by a professional photographer.

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