The A-Bomb Museum   原爆資料館

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Museum of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki

Museum of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki

Black pillar marking the hypocenter of the disaster.


The ghost of an indelible past, the museum of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki recounts the hellish day of August 9, 1945, the day when everything stopped.

In Nagasaki, the bomb museum, located in the Urakami district, the scene of the tragedy, commemorates and tells of the fateful day when the city was wiped out.

Evidence, everyday objects, charred photographs, and reconstructions depict the horror of the event. Among them is a clock. Its hands, stopped forever at 11:02, mark the unforgettable memory of this day.

We discover with horror the extent of not only physical damage but also human - there were about 150,000 victims - and the hell experienced by hibakusha, the name given to the survivors of the atomic bomb "Fat Man."

But more than a mere commemoration, the museum promotes peace, denouncing the abomination of war and tracing the evolution of the use of atomic weapons.

Leaving the museum, we can see the hypocenter of the disaster, marked by a simple black pillar in the Memorial Park of peace.

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