Nagoya Dome   ナゴヤドーム

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The Dragon's Lair

After the Tokyo Dome and the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, our tour of the great temples of Japanese baseball brings us to Nagoya.

Nagoya Dome is the home of the Chunichi Dragons baseball team, several times winner of the Japan Series. They are also famous for having played the only perfect game in the history of Japanese baseball (a game when the pitcher removes all hitters without losing points).

A Geodesic Dome

The dome is also worth a look for lovers of architecture, as the building has a geodesic structure. This can also be seen in other pioneering buildings, such as the British Museum or 30 St Mary Axe in London. The building, commissioned by Mitsubishi, was opened in 1997 and can accommodate 40,500 people.

A stadium of fans

We can say with certainty that this capacity has not been overestimated. During night games or concerts, Nagoya Dome is filled with crowds of people. Here you will find the joyous mayhem of Japanese baseball games, always with a pleasant atmosphere, its varied snack vendors and beer vendors (the best beverage to drink during a match, all in moderation of course). 

Nagoya Dome, like the city's big aquarium, huge Central Station, or impressive Museum of Science shows that this large industrial city of Japan definitely knows how to build large, iconic buildings!

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