Den Den Town   でんでんタウン

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Den Den Town

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Den Den Town

Signs of Den Den Town neighborhood.

The Town for Technophiles

Watch the eyes of old school entertainment enthusiasts light up as they see the huge stacks of used video games. Consoles of all kinds (some never even released outside Japan!), and electronics galore. No, this isn't Akihabara , but rather Osaka, specifically the streets of Den Den Town.

Located between Shitennoji Temple and Namba Station, this area offers an incredible array of high-tech Japanese products. The original name of this neighborhood is denki no machi, literally "electronic town." But soon, the nickname of Den Den Town and all its technological delights quickly appeared, cementing its place in the urban landscape.

Streets covered in a myriad of both large and small retailers are compete against one another to sell new or used products of Japanese otaku culture. In addition to high-tech items, you can also find manga , anime, figurines and other products for sometimes very good prices.

Feel free to rummage through the shelves to find the rare pearls. Like any respectable, dedicated electronic district, Den Den town also offers cafes, more specifically maid cafe, for a very bizarre Japanese experience.

Although the place is the ideal shopping location for video game enthusiasts, pay attention to intercontinental compatibility issues! A program that runs on a Japanese console may not be able to run on a North American or European console.

A walk may as well be at the forefront of innovation, as in the nostalgia of the first consoles!

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