Shinsaibashi & Namba   心斎橋 & 難波

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Glico Shinsaibashi

The Glico the Shinsaibashi area.

Namba Parks

Terrace Namba Parks mall.

The shopping spree

Welcome to Minami, the southern part of the city of Osaka ! Here, everything is neon lights and bars, restaurants and pachinko (gaming centers), the electricity of an eclectic population...

Eat an Osaka specialty in Dotonbori, then go to a Bunraku theater (traditional puppet theater), an art that was born in this city in the seventeenth century. A walk along the Dotonbori-gawa (river) or a stroll through a covered gallery? This lively area doesn't empty until the first light of day, leaving some colorful images in the minds of novices, with the alcohol flowing in the many bars.

During the day do not miss the small museum of prints, Kamigata-Ukiyo-e, and the temple just next door where you can sprinkle water on a moss-covered deity (Fudo-Fudō). Hôazen-ji Yokocho alley is composed exclusively of bars and restaurants offering Osaka dishes, including okonomiyaki and various seafood dishes, and more generally, Japanese dishes.

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