Shorenji   照蓮寺

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Shorenji Temple

Shorenji temple entrance.

The traveling temple

Inside the Shiroyama Park is a small temple, which seems to have been put there by chance. After having traveled in the area, the Shorenji settled in the city of Takayama.

When you enter the temple, you ask yourself whether you have the right to be here. Although the place is open to tourists, visitors are rare and silence reigns in this wood building eaten away by insects. The Shorenji was originally built in Shirakawa-gô, a village north of Takayama. The main hall, built of wood from a single giant cedar in 1504, traveled through the area in 1960 when the temple was moved to be saved from the water. The construction of a dam near the sacred site condemned it to flooding. The reassuring hills of Shiroyama Park then became the new refuge of Shorenji. This place has a particular charm in the winter snow, which is so befitting to Takayama.

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