Takayama 飛騨高山

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Visit Takayama, the small Kyoto of the Japanese Alps, also called "Hida Takayama"

Small town located in the hollow of the mountain, Takayama, with its old wooden houses, craft shops and sake breweries, retains a charm of old times. Often compared to Kyoto, the city is a destination that opens the doors to the Japanese Alps.

What to do in Takayama?

One of Takayama's great specialties is sake. Indeed, the city has no less than six breweries that you can visit and each one has its own particularity: one makes very old sake, another produces sake of the highest quality ...

Lovers of good food will not be left out since Takayama beef is, along with Kobe beef, one of the best in the country. To stock up like the locals do, get up a little earlier than expected to walk through one of the asa-ichi , Takayama's morning markets. Fruits and vegetables from local producers, as well as handicrafts, are displayed in abundance on the stalls every morning. What to soak up the unique atmosphere of the city...

In the heart of Takayama, be sure to visit Takayama Jinya, which is the former home of the province's daimyo. The building now houses a museum depicting the life of a governor in the Edo period.

4 favorite places in Takayama

Takayama festival

This very famous festival in Japan takes place twice a year, in April and October. The Takayama matsuri attracts cohorts of visitors from all over the archipelago and even from the mainland Asia, the spectacle is so impressive: 23 sumptuously decorated floats parade through the streets of the city. Depending on the year, the climate sometimes means that the cherry blossoms are also part of the game.



Défilé de chars lors du festival d'automne

Flickr Sjaak Kempe

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