Albatross G Bar   アルバトロスGバー

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Kabuki-cho my love, and the Albatross

At the heart of Kabukicho, a district with a concentration of love hotels, hostess bars, pachinko and restaurants, Golden Gai is a small haven of darkness and false tranquility that for a few hours gathers together aficionados of a time long past. Here, everyone can choose whether they will keep things quiet... or get lively!

Tiny alleyways every thirty meters, little light and a lot of miscellaneous objects piled near the tiny door to the bars, Golden Gai appears as a set of streets, the last vestige representing the former black market in the postwar period.

Today, this small neighborhood, close to a temple with red walls that you will find down a paved path lined with bushes, seems more like an accumulation of bars that can accommodate a maximum of four or five guests. The choice? Wide. The style? Eclectic. The Albatross, with its baroque decoration and the quality of its alcohol, deserves a visit.

The elegance and mystery that exudes from this bar on two floors, outrageously decorated in a style somewhere between Baroque and Victorian, is worth a look. Chandeliers, purple velvet, slick bartenders in three-piece suits, a jazzy soundtrack, a balcony allowing customers drinking upstairs to enjoy the view, and Japanese nibbles to accompany the drinks. With a menu in English and alcoholic drinks for around 700 yen, The Albatross appears in this mess of dark alleys and bars, a perfect choice for those looking for a certain scene at a reasonable price.

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