Waseda Shochiku Cinema   早稲田松竹

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The old canvas

The rain is pouring, you're feeling tired. It is time to rest a bit and go to see a picture in one of Tokyo's oldest cinemas: the Waseda Shochiku.

Far from the conformity of multiplexes, the Waseda Shochiku Cinema resists. Since 1951, this small independent theater in Shinjuku retains the appearance of old movie theaters.

Vestige of the past

In the Waseda cinema, there 's only one cinema room for less than 200 people. With competition from large complexes, the small cinema has experienced difficulties and had to close its doors in 2002. Students from Waseda University then launched a revival of Waseda Shochiku project. After an eight months break, projections resumed. Today it is one of the favorite places to visit for Takadanobaba students.

Accessible cinema 

On the big screen, all types of film are projected. Classic Movies, Japanese productions, Hollywood blockbusters, color, black and white ... Film fans will be delighted! Just to clarify for those who do not speak Japanese, the cinema shows films in original version, usually subtitled. Spectators can take advantage of a film in English.

In addition to the ticket prices, more affordable than in conventional cinemas, the Waseda Shochiku offers an original concept: the double ticket. For a ticket purchased, the viewer can see two films. If you wish, you can see a picture in the morning, go for a walk in the city during the day and return for a film in the evening.

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