Kikunoi   菊乃井

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The Kikunoi restaurant, Minato (Tokyo), celebrates the kyotoïte kaiseki.

Kikunoi restaurant in Tokyo celebrates the Kyoto-style kaiseki.

Kaiseki is a Japanese culinary tradition is a constituent of many dishes.

Kaiseki is a Japanese culinary tradition made up of many small dishes.

Small dishes, big deal

A pleasure for the eyes, gourmet delights, kaiseki is often considered the height of refinement in Japanese cuisine.

Seasonal products, a palette of soft orange, green, purple, and sometimes blue, kaiseki is a celebration of multiple dishes and flavors. Delicately seasoned, the vegetables are crisp and tangy, the tofu wobbles slightly in its dish and the fish is expertly grilled. Kaiseki is presented in beautiful dishes where each ingredient is introduced, becoming the center of an ensemble composed of lots of little things.

The famous chef Yoshiro Murata, a star on an international level, opened a restaurant in Tokyo where he celebrates Kyoto kaiseki. Coming from a family of three generations of specialist chefs in this preparation, this businessman, who you can sometimes see on TV, says that he cooks the best kaiseki in Japan. Will you be tempted?

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