N331 Coffee Shop   CAFE&和酒「N3331」

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Sipping a coffee between trains

You dream to watch the trains go by while sipping coffee? Then get off at the next stop for N331 Café!

The N3331 is a coffee shop of a rather special kind. Long and slender, it is located between two tracks! And therein lies the unique charm of the place: quietly sat at a table, everyone can admire the trains that circulate at regular intervals in both directions behind large windows, all while enjoying a light breakfast or coffee.

A unique experience that gives the impression of being in the "heart of the action", in the style of an urban cinema!

The N3331 Café was born from the initiative of 3331 Arts Chiyoda, an art center in the district of Chiyoda in Tokyo, which invested in the premises of a former neighborhood school.

If the menu itself has nothing very original (curry rice, onigiri, sandwiches ...) the quality of food is just right. It is even possible to have an evening dinner there, as the N3331 café is open until 11pm  on weekdays.

A fun experience, especially with children, when visiting Akihabara nearby. Beware though, the café contains only 20 tables, so be quick!

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