Sakura Tei   さくら亭

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Make your own okonomiyaki!

Down an alley in Harajuku, enter the Clockwork Market, home of young artists and colorful architecture. Inside you'll find workshops, bars, and above all a favorite address: okonomiyaki.

In a building frequented by the coolest hipsters of Tokyo, Sakura Tei offers an experience, which is to say the least, fun: making your own okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake made with eggs, flour and cabbage. After choosing the other ingredients, it is over to you. The restaurant has installed a hotplate on each table, letting you cook your meal right in front of you!

The walls are covered with graffiti and the restaurant has a interior terrace that's lovely in the summer. The young, trendy waiters embody the hyperactivity of the capital and are pleased to tell you the secrets of their neighborhood. But let's get back to the food...

The okonomiyaki are fantastic, and similar to another, particularly Tokyo specialty - the monjayaki, a thinner and more liquid sort of okonomiyaki. Sakura Tei combines traditional okonomiyaki with the cosmopolitan modernism of a capital full of culinary surprises.

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