Takaragawa Onsen   宝川温泉汪泉閣

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One of the large baths of Takaragawa onsen

Takaragawa onsen

Midnight Bath

For a poetic moment in the countryside, enter the doors of the Japanese spa Takaragawa Onsen. These natural stone baths invite travelers to revel in the warm waters and scenery for meditation in the heart of the mountains.

Located in Minakami city, Gunma Prefecture, Takaragawa onsen is a perfect destination for a day trip from Tokyo. After about a 2 hour journey (by car or train), you find yourself surrounded by lush vegetation near the water of the Takara river.

The peculiarity of this onsen? The four large rotenburo (outdoor onsen), one measuring over 300m²! Called "Kodokara", this bath can accommodate up to two hundred people, both men and women (yes, mixed bathing!).

The Hanya rotenburo is also a mixed onsen, and is ideal for families, as it has a sloping floor so children can enter. For more privacy, there is a women only onsen, the Maya bath. There are also two indoor onsen available for visitors, separated into men and women's baths - these can take up to twenty people.

Night Onsen

The resort welcomes both overnight visitors and day visitors. Open 24/7, it would be a sad thing not to take advantage of a rotenburo at night or in the early morning, when the local wildlife quietly awakens.

Many activities are available in the area throughout the year, from skiing and paragliding to rafting, so everyone will find something to make this a unique part of their trip. 

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