Unit club   ユニットクラブ

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The bar at Shibuya Club Unit is very well supplied.

The bar at Shibuya Club Unit is very well supplied.

For lovers of sound!

Located just steps away from Daikanyama Metro Station, this club / live house surprises and enchants on three floors. Each level has its atmosphere.

Placed in the hollow of a bend, nestled at the foot of a hill, the Unit, as the name suggests, combines three spaces in one. The Unit Saloon, on level B3 is akin to a bar in blue colors with velvet seats and a small space to dance. It is connected to the other two by a staircase to observe this intimate place from above. Turntables placed in a corner welcome DJs who do not hesitate to engage in frenzied sets encouraging people to get up and dance.

B2, a huge room welcomng DJs, indie rock bands and experimental Japanese or international bands, benefit from a stage with a bar and a fascinating sound system similar to that of the best concert halls of the Japanese capital. Bloc Party, Dj Krush and New Mastersounds, the biggest names have played here. Rock, techno, minimal, all styles are on the bill, simply take a look at the program for the week.

The first level called Unice Café Lounge is open all night on weekends. A modern alcove provides comfort and rest so sought in major nightclubs, to finish a drink while another music is  already invading the neighboring room, facilitating the return to the third dance floor. The highlights of the Unit undoubtedly remain the quality and diversity of its music programming, which is always funky and the quality of its audio system and the use of V-jing (visual performance in real time playing with light, neon lights and projections).

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