Yamate area   山手地区

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Bluff House # 18 in Yokohama

Bluff House No. 18 Yamate area of ​​Yokohama.

Cemetery foreign Yokohama

Alley cemetery foreign Yokohama.

Hill settlers

Immortal memories of a city transformed by international trade, the Yamate and Motomachi neighborhoods give Yokohama a Western feel

It is on top of the hill in the Yamate area that Western traders who arrived en masse after the reopening of Japanese ports in 1853, settled.

Like the namesake western district of Nagasaki, the settlers chose the high ground of the city, enjoying a direct view of the harbor and its activities

Rapid expansion

After several years of prosperous business, foreign newcomers flocked to the town and quickly develop the Yamate district. From then, there was flourishing commerce in Motomachi Street, Yokohama Christ Church, a Western cemetery in 1854....

The main street Yamate-Hon-dori, became lined with splendid colonial-style residences. Among them, the residence of the wealthy businessman Ehrismann, Diplomats’ House (with Victorian architecture), and the immense Berrick Hall Spanish villa.

Today, from the Harbor View Park, close to the foreign cemetery, you can make out the huge towers of the Minato Mirai 21 district on the waterfront with the Yokohama Bay Bridge in the background.

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