Moerenuma Park モエレ沼公園

The sculpture of the earth



A perfect fusion of exceptional Hokkaido nature and design, Moerenuma Park, on the outskirts of Sapporo, is the posthumous work of Japanese-American sculptor and designer, Isamu Noguchi.


La pyramide de verre du parc

The park's glass pyramid




  • The Fountain of the Sea

The fountain of the sea measuring 48 meters in circumference is reminiscent of the crater of a volcano . Noguchi is making a water sculpture here that marks his deep taste for fountains, which he studied with attention all his life for the feeling of life they breathe. The jets of the fountain of the sea can reach 25 meters in height. On certain occasions, at nightfall, sounds and lights embellish the show.

Open from April 29 to October 20.




La fontaine en forme de cratère

The crater-shaped fountain

Kentaro Ohno



  • The cherry forest

The cherry forest, to the east of the park, is a vast playground made up of seven areas, all of which are interconnected by small paths. The children run from one to the other and take full advantage of the games designed like real sculptures by Noguchi.


  • Moere beach

Moere Beach is a very shallow pond surrounded by walking paths and paved with coral. A system sets the water in motion and produces slight ripples. A must for children in the middle of summer!

Open from June 13 to September 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed on Thursday.



Moerenuma Park


Play areas for children


A very pleasant pond in the middle of summer!



  • Mount Moere

The verdant hill of Mount Moere is emblematic of the park. Its summit is accessible by five distinct paths. The view offered from its heights is splendid . You take in the entire park and the entire city of Sapporo with a single glance. During the winter, this hill is the favorite playground for ski and toboggan enthusiasts , a treat for young and old alike!


  • play mountain

Accessible by a granite slope reminiscent of ancient ruins, the 30-meter-high Play Mountain allows you to enjoy the scenery.



Mount Moere


Winter Fun at Moerenuma Park

t konno



  • Tetra Mound

The Tetra Mound, a triangular-shaped sculpture culminating at 13 mothers in height , consists of steel columns under which is placed a small mound of grass. The forms of Isamu Noguchi's work are simple but powerfully expressive.


  • Aqua Plaza

The gushing water from the Aqua Plazza fountain flows through a 150 meter long channel . Visitors can soak their feet in it.



The purity of forms by Isamu Noguchi

The last workshop of Isamu Noguchi was converted into a museum

Isamu Noguchi's last workshop has been converted into a museum

Noguchi Museum

Address, timetable & access

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