Tokyo, robots are in the city 東京ロボット

Robots and the city

In Tokyo, humanoid robots and android robots welcome, guide and inform in many hotels, businesses and major retailers in the capital. Some even act as tourist guides!

Upon your arrival

  • Rent a RoBoHon in Haneda

It is a tourist guide of a whole new kind thatHaneda airport offers to travelers arriving in the archipelago. This guide, named RoBoHon, is a smartphone that looks like a small robot measuring 19.5 cm . Developed for Sharp by engineer Tomotaka Takahashi, it has incredible features. Equipped with an artificial intelligence system and voice control, RoBoHon is much more than a camera, a video projector or a GPS because it also provides tourist information on around thirty sites in the Japanese capital . , English and Chinese. He is also able to walk, dance and interact with you! And it all fits in your pocket! Rental (from 1,500 yen for 24 hours, or approximately €12) and configuration are done at the airport. Its deployment at Narita Airport is planned just before the 2020 Olympics.


Your new travel companion accompanies you wherever you go


Sharp's RoBoHon


Sleep and eat

  • Hen'na hotels

The Japanese capital has four futuristic establishments of the Hen'na hotel chain where the reception, reception and transport of luggage to the room are provided by Nao robots from the firm Aldebaran, humanoid robots and robotic dinosaurs. In your room, the very kawaii (cute) Churi-chan acts as your daily personal assistant; you

An unconventional trio welcomes you.



Churi-chan, your personal assistant is waiting for you in your room


Shinjuku Restaurant Robot Parade

Cory Doctorow


Fans flock to lunch at the Gundam Cafe

Toru Watanabe

Improve our knowledge

  • Lounges at Tokyo Big Sight

It is at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba that the two largest robotics fairs in the world are held alternately: the international robot exhibition IREX and Japan Robot Week. These two international exhibitions bring together hundreds of companies and present the latest technologies in industrial, agricultural, service and emergency robots.


Experience the K-Roboride, a clever mix of robotics and virtual reality


Android robot at the Miraikan



  • RT Robot shop and Tsukumo Robot Kingdom

The Tsukumo Robot Kingdom and RT Robot Shop stores offer both ready-to-use robots as well as assembly robots and retail parts. Give free rein to your imagination!

Our shopping and souvenir theme


The Factory zone of the Gundam Base in Odaiba


Junko Chihira, the robot receptionist at Aqua City Odaiba


According to your wanderings

  • The Gundam Statues

Since October 2017, the Gundam RX 0Unicorn sits majestically in front of the DiverCityTokyo Plaza shopping center in Odaiba. It replaced the 18-meter-high Gundam RX-78-2 installed in 2012, which it surpasses by nearly 2 meters. His armor comes alive and lights up several times a day; alternating between the Unicorn configuration and the Destruction configuration. For those nostalgic for the Gundam RX-78-2, a 3-meter-high bronze sculpture representing it has been erected opposite Seibu Kamiigusa Station in Suginami.

  • Aoyama Technical College

In the Aoyama district , the technical college is like a giant robot straight out of the depths of the earth. Built in 1989 by architect Makoto Sei Watanabe, it is directly inspired by Japanese pop culture. The building with its spectacular design reminiscent of Gundam robots is the architect's first major achievement.


Aoyama Technical College, an architecture inspired by robotics



Astroboy at the Oizumi Anime Gate


A robot guard of Laputa watches the entrance of the museum from the terrace.

A robot guard from Laputa watches over the museum's entrance from the terrace.


Did you know that Astro was born in Takadanobaba (district north of Shinjuku) on April 7, 2003 ? It is indeed on this date that Dr. Tenma creates the little robot to replace his deceased son in Osamu Tezuka's manga. And this creation took place in Takadanobaba! Mural frescoes located under the railway bridge near the station pay homage to the universe of Astro and the mangaka. On the Yamanote platform , Takadanobaba station immediately immerses you in the atmosphere by broadcasting the theme of the anime in jingle .

See also: The Osamu Tezuka Museum in Osaka


The mural of the Takadanobaba district

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