Breakfast in Japan: between tradition and new trends

  • Published on : 30/03/2020
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Une table de petit déjeuner

Une table de petit déjeuner japonaise typique.

Quel est le petit déjeuner japonais ? Un petit-déjeuner sain pour bien commencer la journée !

Qu’il soit pris en famille ou en solo, sur le pouce ou au restaurant, le petit-déjeuner est le repas le plus important de la journée. Sucres lents, vitamines, protéines, il est en effet censé contenir tous les apports nutritifs nous permettant de bien démarrer la journée. Notamment au Japon, puisque le petit-déjeuner nippon est considéré comme l’un des plus équilibrés au monde ! Que se cache t-il dans les assiettes de nos amis japonais ? Japan Experience met aujourd’hui les pieds dans le plat.

The central element around which the rest of the meal revolves , rice is often served white when not accompanied by an egg to make Tamago Kake Gohan. Its consumption then gives rhythm to the hostilities, since it is the first element of the breakfast to be touched as well as the last to be finished. Note that it can also be enjoyed with nori (Japanese seaweed), or even nattô for the more adventurous.

A bowl of Japanese rice

A bowl of Japanese rice


Next to the rice, you will then find the proteins. Whether it takes the form of an omelet, grilled salmon or even tofu, protein is indeed inherent in Japanese breakfast. They are also served with a miso soup, recommended by nutritionists for its low salt content.

Inoue restaurant dish

Omurice of the Inoue restaurant.


The first meal of the day finally consists of tsukemono , such as daikon (white radish), cucumber, or umeboshi (candied plum). These come to energize the flavors with their harsh taste , and their nutritional virtues are perfectly adapted to the beginning of the day since they are rich in vitamins. A green tea will come to conclude the whole, served cold or hot according to the conveniences.

Quelques tsukemono

Quelques tsukemono (légumes marinés) pouvant être consommé lors d’un petit déjeuner japonais. Ici Aubergines et cornichons.

guide Japon

Cuisine gastronomique japonaise, Kaiseki ryôri

Cuisine gastronomique japonaise, Kaiseki ryôri


As the preparation of certain dishes such as miso soup or fish can be time consuming, Japanese people pressed for time tend to swap rice and tsukemono for toast or cereal.

Starburcks cafe and Tully's pastry shops are now taken by storm when trains dump their first batch of daily travelers, and the traditional breakfast is now just a treat you enjoy on a morning. at the ryokan (traditional inn) or on a Sunday with the family.

And for good reason, raised to the rank of standing, it is today an emblematic element of Japanese culture.

The Starbucks Creamy Pumpkin Frappuccino

The Starbucks Creamy Pumpkin Frappuccino

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