Wabi-sabi, a spiritual and aesthetic concept 侘寂

  • Published on : 24/06/2020
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What is wabi-sabi in Japan?

Live a simple life, accept and appreciate the imperfection of oneself and especially of the world around us: this is how the outlines of wabi-sabi could be drawn, a Japanese aesthetic and spiritual concept, deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

The origins of wabi-sabi


If we have to go back to the roots of wabi-sabi , we must turn to the felted and delicate universe of the tea ceremony , because it is here that it hatched. In the fourteenth century, while the tea ceremony is meant ostentatious, mostly using luxury items imported from China, shapes touching perfection, Murata Shuko, Zen monk, developed in response ceremony from simple tea.

He chooses to serve the tea in local utensils , designed in an artisanal way and therefore leaving a lot of room for imperfections.


Cérémonie du thé wabi-sabi


Wabi-sabi: from spiritual to decoration


This concept also finds an echo in decoration and interior design . An interior worthy of wabi-sabi is an interior illustrated in the purity, where we showcase the imperfect beauty of craftsmanship, where natural colors take precedence over more vivid ones. The superfluous and the ostentatious have no place there.

Wabi-sabi therefore irrigates all areas of life. When imperfection and modesty become an art, it's hard not to rejoice ...

Une céramique japonaise réparée à la poudre d'or

Une céramique japonaise réparée à la poudre d'or


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