Takigyô: "the asceticism of the waterfall" 滝行

A millennial Japanese ritual accessible to all

Spiritual research, challenge or simple curiosity, takigyô or "asceticism under the waterfall", a practice of religious origin which consists of remaining for a few minutes under the jets of a waterfall, has become popular with the uninitiated. It is practiced under the supervision of a Buddhist monk, a Shinto priest, or simply a guide.

Takigyo, l'ascèse de la cascade

Takigyo, the asceticism of the waterfall



1. Benefits of Yuhi no Taki Waterfall (Kanagawa)


Close to Tokyo, the organization Shugennokai regularly organizes exercises under Yuhi no Taki, a miraculous waterfall renowned for its healing properties. Indeed, the waterfall would be a high place of asceticism! And the region's religious have been coming here for more than 1,000 years to enjoy its benefits.


The activity here lasts one hour and includes the climb to the bathing place, costume, cane, sake, and a commemorative DVD of the experience. Shoes, towels, and bathing suits are to be brought.


Ascèse en plein hiver sous la cascade Yuhi no Taki

Asceticism in the middle of winter under the Yuhi no Taki waterfall



2. Asceticism in the mountains at Bentendre Taki (Yamanashi)


Prized for its mountains and hot springs, the Yamanashi region is also very popular with Takigyo enthusiasts for its waterfalls. At the Bentendre temple, the Bentendre Taki waterfall is a perfect example. Lost in the middle of the surrounding relief, it regularly welcomes several groups of pilgrims for asceticism supervised by local monks. A prayer is said before beginning the session, and clothing is provided by the establishment.



Address : 1245 Akazawa, Hayakawa-cho, Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi, 409-2733 Japan

Price: to be requested when booking

Reservation: by phone at 0556-45-2122

Directions: 30 min by car from Hadakajima station (Minobu line)




A Yamanashi, les moines vous initient au Takigyô

In Yamanashi, the monks introduce you to Takigyô

Yamanashi kankou.jp

Au Mont Mitake, M.Baba accueille les visiteurs dans son shukubo

At Mount Mitake, Mr. Baba welcomes visitors to his shukubo


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