Kyushu National Museum 九州国立博物館

Japanese art in Kyushu

Kyushu National Museum is one of only four national museums in Japan, along with those in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara. Housed in a modern building, it displays collections focusing on History and Japanese Art.

  • The Palaeolithic and Jomon periods (from 35000 to 300 BC)
  • The Yayoi and Kofun periods (from 300 BC to 538 AD)
  • The Nara and Heian eras (from 710 AD to the 12th century)
  • The Kamakura, Muromachi and Azuchi Momoyama periods (between the 12th century and 16th centuries)
  • And finally, the Edo period (1603-1868)

Exhibits at the Kyushu National Museum

Exhibits at the Kyushu National Museum

Special exhibitions

On the second floor of the museum special exhibitions are presented several times a year. These exhibitions are highly anticipated and cover various themes related to the theme of the museum, or on totally different themes. In the spring of 2019, a beautiful exhibition on the Buddhist sculptures of Kyoto's Daiho'onji temple is being held.

In past years, temporary exhibitions have been held on themes a variety of themes, such as the paintings of Lascaux, the Buddhas of Thailand, the terracotta army of the first Chinese emperor, or the masterpieces of other national museums across the globe.

These high quality exhibitions require the purchase of a special ticket, at a higher price, usually around 1,600 yen for adults.

Poster for the special exhibition on Buddhist sculptures of Kyoto's Daiho'onji temple

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