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Onsen Kyoto: Your Guide to the Best Hot Springs in Japan's Ancient Capital

Kyoto is renowned for its temples, gardens and traditional culture, but it also offers a relaxing onsen experience.

Tenzan No Yu

Tenzan No Yu Onsen

To the west of Kyoto, very close to Arashiyama, the Tenzan No Yu onsen offers a wide choice of baths and hot springs.

Bain de l'hôtel Kashoen Hanare Fuka

5 accommodations in Kyoto and its surroundings with private baths

The dilemma often arises during a trip to Japan: how to enjoy the Onsen without exposing yourself naked in front of strangers and enjoying these moments of relaxation with your party in private?

Sakura-yu sento, Kyoto.

Sakura-yu Public Bath Kyoto

Sakura-yu Public Bath Kyoto: Now nearly 100 years old, Sakura-yu public bath in downtown Kyoto, is a trip back in time.

Gokoyu baths offer a variety of affordable services.


An onsen well known to the local population, who have made it their favorite place to go after a long day at work.

Funaoka Onsen

Funaoka onsen

Located near the Golden Pavilion, this discreet onsen offers all the facilities of its bigger counterparts, with the local touch as a plus!

Kurama Onsen

Kurama Onsen

If you're looking for relaxation and privacy, this property offers all the sulphurous water facilities to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the benefits of sources in the region.